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Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie


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Mango volcano

8' Carrot Cake


Almost two decades ago, I arrived in London just as artisan bakeries were starting to flourish. It was a time when I discovered that bread, pastries, and cakes could be transformed into true works of art with a touch of creativity. Inspired by this revelation, I left my job, pursued a culinary scholarship, and honed my skills in London's culinary scene. A few years later, I founded My Home Bakery.

Today, My Home Bakery is a beloved name in Glasgow's bakery scene, with shops in the West End and Southside. We take pride in crafting everything in-house, using quality, simple ingredients. For a decade, our bakery has been a place where diets happily surrender. And when you savour our Mango & Passionfruit Volcano, it's a secret worth keeping.

My Home Bakery is a tribute to the artistry of baking and the joy of flavour. Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to continuing to delight your taste buds.

- Kris the Baker



We are a small bakery that is continually growing and evolving, including our new collaboration with the Freedom Bakery. Artisan bakers like us, suppling our bread and morning goods. Same great quality and taste with a big ethos for helping people! 

Now we can focus on what we do best - cakes! So watch this space … Things are changing one cake at a time!! 

Thank you for your continued custom.

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