We are proud of everything we do. Including our coffees! (And boy, will we all need coffee as we try get back on track this year!) SO... to help you start 2021 with a little more oomph ;) may we present... the MHB COFFEE CARD!


Allowing you a coffee of your choice, every day we’re open, over 4 consecutive weeks, for a single payment of £15.99.


Yes - that’s £1 per cup of quality strong coffee!


Simply present your card, choose your coffee (with or without milk) and enjoy the caffeine fix! Please note offer excludes mochas, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks. Oat milk coffees available in Southside shop only. No other purchase necessary when claiming your daily coffee.


The small print: Our coffee card is valid in both our shops. Only one coffee per card per day. Your card must be presented to claim your preferred coffee. The coffee must be collected during our opening hours.  


Coffee Cards can be purchased in both MHB shops and online via our webpage - all cards must be collected in store. The card is valid for 4 consecutive weeks from the day it’s collected. Please note unclaimed coffees cannot be claimed another day or refunded. Coffee Cards are non-refundable. 


Please accept our apologies but due to COVID restrictions we are unable to accept reusable cups or flasks at present. Your coffee will be served to you in our paper cups.


A free coffee voucher will be issued should there be any technical issues with our coffee machine.