Evening everyone, 


just a quick (I promise) update.


Slowly but definitely - the amount of orders is falling as new places are opening up again. And I have been singnaled by bookkeeper that we MIGHT be classified into first category of companies forced out of furlough when the first step will be announced. 


If the worst happens and we are forced to cut furlough (and there is no 60% or 50% furlough) - the future is not nice as at the moment hours won’t return to normal as customers won’t return to normal. To try to avoid the worst, few thing I want everyone to know we are working on:


-We have opened Wednesdays for collections so hopefully that will increase a bit of orders

-Afternoon tea box is picking up quantities slowly, but promisingly

-We are working on a delivery test project in very restricted area in west end possibly already for June, however that means we need proper prepare in kitchens so there would be no shortages of savouries. With that I mean - guys in the kitchen - I ask your help with few extra hours so we are not left with empty freezers as you need to keep in mind - we are all together in this shit and each prep done now will only help us in closest future. I am very confident we can organise everyone working separately so the risks are minimised. Its very simple - if we are not ready with enough prep in freezer - i have to cut something from orders and that means we are cutting the tree we sit on (i know its not the right saying, but hey - im foreigner!). 


On another note (so that you are aware) - Marcin has left the team as he didn’t see a future in staying when exit of furlough would mean reduced employment hours due to the coronavirus situation in market. With this in mind - please be patient with me if i don’t answer your texts or calls right away and need to be reminded about something you are waiting from me - i simply am trying to balance quite a lot of plates at once now so we would be able to survive this with less damage for everyone.

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